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d20 Glasses

d20 Glasses

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Take your DnD experience to the next level with our NEW BenShot d20 Glasses!

Featuring a solid metal d20 embedded right into the side, this glass is sure to become a conversation piece at your gaming table.

Glasses are high-quality, heavy, and handcrafted in our glass workshop in Wisconsin. Each d20 is cast out of solid metal by a U.S.-based jeweler. Our team then adds a patina finish by hand to bring out the raw metal textures and color. 

Just like your D&D character, each glass is unique, with slight variations in die placement and depth. This makes each piece truly one-of-a-kind; no two glasses are alike.

Glasses come individually packaged in a sturdy kraftboard display box ready for gifting. All packaging and raw materials are made in the USA.


For customization options, please contact us at

We will truly work with you to get you what you want.  Not a few options to select from.  Please watch your e-mail so your order does not

get delayed.  Adding a phone number is always a good idea.  

We can't, however, do trademarked items like cartoons, sports teams, or vehicle logos to name a few.

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