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Dual light LED hanging sign 11.8"

Dual light LED hanging sign 11.8"

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This LED hanging sign has two acrylic panels.  One will light up as blue and the other as red.  This allows you to have two colors in your design.  If you want a different color combination, the colors available are shown on third photo.  These are special order for the same price, just need a 3 week lead time.  You can let us know the color option you prefer at the same time you e-mail us what you want on your sign. 



For customization options, please contact us at

We will truly work with you to get you what you want.  Not a few options to select from.  Please watch your e-mail so your order does not get delayed.  Adding a phone number is always a good idea.  

We can't, however, do trademarked items like cartoons, sports teams, or vehicle logos to name a few.

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